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As advised in our previous Newsletter, the Presidential Decision No.2279 regarding the Suspension of Execution and Bankruptcy Proceedings had entered into force on 22 March 2020, suspending all execution and bankruptcy proceedings except for the execution proceedings related to the alimony receivables.

Provisional Article 1 of The Code Amending Certain Laws No.7226 published in the Official Gazette on 26 March 2020, had further extended the scope of the suspension in order to prevent a loss of rights for those seeking recourse from the justice system, suspending all execution and bankruptcy proceedings except for the execution proceedings related to the alimony receivables, all terms regarding the originating/commencement, the use and the termination of rights including those related to the filing of a lawsuit, cautionary attachments (in Turkish, “ihtiyati haciz”), initiation of enforcement proceedings, applications, plaints, objections, notifications, submissions, prescription terms and mandatory administrative application terms, the terms determined in laws as to the parties and the terms determined by judges, the terms in mediation and reconciliation, until 30 April 2020. Exceptions to this suspension were legal periods related to administrative sanctions, completing acts on precautionary measures under Civil Procedure Code and certain legal periods to criminal law, stated in Paragraph 2 of the article.

As per Paragraph 1 of Provisional Article 1, the President was to retain the authority to extend this period up to 6 (six) months.

In order to maintain and minimize the effects of the persevering Covid-19 outbreak, Presidential Decision No.2480 has entered into force and been published in the Official Gazette today, the 30th of April 2020, further suspending the periods mentioned in the above-mentioned Provisional Article 1 of Code No.7226, except for mandatory administrative application terms prescribed in Public Procurement Law No.4734, from 1 May 2020 (included) until 15 June 2020 (included), to be revaluated hereinafter according to the future progression of Covid-19.

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