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“Information Guideline for Cosmetic Product Manufacturers, Consumers, Establishments Providing Service and Professionals Using Professional Products” (in Turkish, “Kozmetik Ürün Üreticisi, Tüketicisi, Hizmet Sunulan Müessese ve Profesyonel Ürünleri Uygulayan Profesyonel Kişiler İçin Bilgilendirme Kılavuzu”, hereinafter referred to as the “Guideline”) has been published on 30 October 2020 by the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (in Turkish, “Tıbbi İlaç ve Cihaz Kurumu”, in short “TİTCK”), in order to provide guidance on the use, storage and labeling of cosmetic products for consumers who will use cosmetic products that are supplied to the market in accordance with the Cosmetics Regulation published in the Official Gazette dated 23 May 2005 Numbered 25823, professionals who will use products prepared for professional use, establishments providing service and producers. The Guideline entered into force with the approval on 28 October 2020 and as of this date, the below listed guidelines were repealed.

  • Guideline on Natural and Organic Cosmetic Ingredient and Product Claims Version 2.0
  • Guideline for Cosmetic Products Included in Service Delivery Version 2.0
  • Guideline for Preservatives Allowed to be Used in Cosmetic Products
  • Guideline for Promotional Activities for Cosmetic Products Version 1.0
  • Information Guide for Cosmetic Products Consumers Version 1.0
  • Guideline for Cosmetic Products’ UZEM Notification Version 1.0
  • Guideline for Cosmetic Products for Professional Use Version 1.0
  • Guideline for Considerations in Labeling Cosmetic Products
  • Guideline for Considerations for the Storage, Transport, Sales and Service Environments and Application Places of Cosmetic Products
  • Guideline for Listing Product Ingredients in Cosmetic Products
  • Information Guide for Cosmetic Product Users and Sellers Version 2.0
  • Guideline for Cosmetotextile Products Version 3.0
  • Guideline for Cosmetic Products and Their Composition
  • Guideline for Maintaining the Quality of Cosmetic Products After Manufacturing Version 1.0
  • Guideline for the Stability of Cosmetic Products and the Duration of Use After Opening Version 1.0
  • Guideline for Types of Certification to Prove Claims in Cosmetic Products
  • Guideline for Quality Requirements of Ingredients in Cosmetic Products

With this Guideline, it is aimed to simplify the repetitions made in the previously published above guidelines and to publish a unified guideline.


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