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As you know, in light of the precautions and measures to be taken against Covid-19 for the safe perseverance of the everyday activities of businesses, guidelines had been published by the Turkish Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services. 

We would like to inform you, that a new guide specific to industrial enterprises has been formulated by the Turkish Standards Institution (“TSE”, the sole authorized body for standardization in Turkey) and published by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. 

The Ministry of Industry and Technology has stated that it wishes the guide to be the reference for safe, unaffected and hygienic production for the future of industry. “The Covid-19 Guide for the Hygiene, Infection Prevention and Control of Industrial Enterprises” contains the following titles: description and contagious properties of the virus, methods of protection and control such as prior planning and surveillance, general precautions of practice, such as physical distancing and hand hygiene, education, waste management, measures concerning all common areas of use (entrance, lobby, restaurants, production stations, offices, meeting rooms, elevators etc.), hygiene (methods of disinfection, sanitation of surfaces), occupational health and security equipment. 

Furthermore, please note that industrial enterprises may now obtain a “Safe Production Certificate” (in Turkish, “Güvenli Üretim Belgesi”). This certificate will be significant for the establishment and documentation of positive standards in production. Subsequent to an application to the TSE, an inspection of the enterprise will be realized. If it is determined that the enterprise meets the standards set out in the Guide, they will be eligible to obtain the Certificate which will present important advantages for the industry business, as this manner of documentation will be prioritized in international trade. Thus, proof of safe and hygienic activity may be taken into consideration by foreign customers and place enterprises in a dominant position in their market. In addition, holding such documentation may certainly be useful in case of a potential labor law and occupational health and safety dispute. 

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