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The Obligation of Identity Notification for The Employees and The Consequences of not Notifying

The Identity Notification Code (in Turkish, “Kimlik Bildirme Kanunu”, hereinafter reffered to as the “Code”) numbered 1774, was published in the Official Gazette dated 11 July 1973.

As per the article 6 of the Code, an identity notification form shall be filled in and submitted by the authorized representative of the workplace to the competent police department within 3 (three) days for the employees, who are employed at workplaces having commercial and artistic activities, as well as upon the termination of the employment contracts of the employees employed therein. Otherwise, the non- performance of or the delay in the identity notification obligation for the employees joining and leaving a company, may result in some administrative fines.

Therefore, it is important to ensure the due performance of this obligation at the competent police department of the district where the Company is located.

Additionally, businesses shall be aware of the fact that administrative fines which may occur in case of the nonfulfillment or delay of this notification are imposed respectively for each case. The amount of administrative fine envisaged for each failure of obligation to notify is TRY 43,00.- (approx. 7.- EUR) for the employment and termination of employees and TRY 644,00.- (approx. 100.- EUR) for the clients staying at hotels, hostels, guesthouses etc.. However, administration may discretionarily accept late notifications without imposing any fines.

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